SDU's AGM will be held on the 12th of March at the Danish Club in Newstead.

The Annual General Meeting for 2015 was held on the 29th March 2015 at the Danish Club.

The meeting elected the following committee for 2015 for the Swedes Down Under Club Inc;

President: Ylva Bohm

Treasurer: Anna Kicki Samuelsson (Initially Craig Hardner before Anna confirmed availability before the end of the AGM)

Secretary: Anna Svensdotter

Committee Members: Emma Strömgren,  Thomas Hansson, Victoria Cain, Andrea Somerfield, Kajsa Rylander-Bennet, Lena Carroll, Anna Saunders


During 2015 we had another year with real difficulties getting volunteers for planning and helping out at activities in the club. This coupled with your president taking off overseas again and significant health issues for several of our committee members we pulled back on activities. However, there was a great turn out for Midsommar celebrations at Oakleigh State School in June, a very busy yabbie party, kräftskiva, held here at the Danish Club in August and a sensational Christmas Market this time on a Saturday evening with loads of twinkling lights. We only held one Kafe Svea this year, suitably on Kanelbullens dag 4 October also at the Danish Club.

The clubs participated in The Scandinavian Festival having a food stall with very popular wraps with either meatballs with beetroot salad or skagenröra, prawn salad as well as 500 hotdogs. 

We started a Facebook page in addition to the Swedes Down Under group (now over 800 members). This was to make it easier to market our events and ability to pay for certain messages to get though easier to those that are interested. The new webpage also went live, however have not been used as well as we could and we still struggle to provide interesting updates.

The book club has continued at Nazareth Lutheran Church, Woolloongabba, organised by Monica in conjunction with the Swedish Church.

A huge thank you to our small group of dedicated committee members pulling a too large load to make it all work out. Thanks to all members and friends of SDU for the support and encouragement over the year.

There have been obstacles but in the end the wonderful people that make up our  committee and club makes it worthwhile.


Ylva Bohm

President 2015

Swedes Down Under Club Inc 

SDU made a loss over the year (see P&L statement below). This was an intentional loss as the club has to cost additional bookkeeping services when the amount held in the account goes above $20,000. Swedes Down Under inc is a non-profit organisation and has no purpose holding any amount larger than what is needed to cost the running of the club and hence has also lowered the membership fee for 2016 to $20 per member household.


  1. President Ylva Bohm welcomed everyone and opened the meeting at 6.10PM
  2. The AGM Agenda was accepted.
  3. Ylva Bohm was elected Chairperson for the 2016 AGM
  4. Anna Svensdotter was elected Secretary for the AGM
  5. Andrea Somerfield and Lena Carroll was elected as ballot counters
  6. President's report for 2015 was read out (see separate report) and questions and comments taken on its content.
  7. Treasurer's report was summarized by AnnaKikki Samuelson and can be read in full in separate document. The club has made a loss during 2015, which was expected and intentionally allowed to occur as so that the total monetary assets remain below the $20,000 mark by which additional accounting measures need to be taken for the yearly reporting.
  8. There is no auditor’s report for 2015 as this was not required.
  9. AGM accept the annual report and annual financial statement
  10. Office Bearers are nominated and elected as follows;

Nomination for President Ylva Bohm, elected

Nomination for Vice President Annette Peters, elected

Nomination for Treasurer AnnaKikki Samuelson, elected

Nomination for Vice Treasurer Tove Hardner, elected

Nomination for Secretary Anna Svensdotter, elected

Nomination for Vice Secretary Annica Hutchinson, elected

Nominations for committee members;

Anna Saunders, elected

Marten Karlsson, elected

Thor Berg, elected

Per Oresjo, elected

Susanna Snobohm, elected

Patrik Sundell, elected

Laura Croft, elected

Welcome to the new committee members.

Victoria Cain, Emma Stromgren, Thomas Hansson, Andrea Somerfield, Linda Karlsson, Lena Carroll, Kajsa Rylander left the committee. We wish to thank them all for their hard work and dedication over the past year.

  1. Membership fee 2017 is set at $20 per household.
  2. General business

There are approximately 50-60 member families by the end of the year, which is up from a meager start to the year where the club only had 13 members.

The Facebook page is discussed in terms of its success over the past year in reaching out to the community.

The website has had an overhaul at the start of the year, and has been used for marketing of the events throughout the year.

Club memberships and its purpose is discussed and it is agreed that the committee will need to continue the discussion and ensure the membership has due value to the members.

Midsummer is decided to be the next event to be organized, pending availability of actors and venues to be held at the beginning of July 2016. Details will be worked out at the next committee meeting.

A list of volunteers is started recording members who are willing to assist with the work involved with events held by the club. 17 Names are recorded during the meeting.

  1. The 2016 AGM is closed at 7.40PM


Anna Svensdotter, Secretary  2016 & Ylva Bohm, President 2016